LASSO-COGS data now available

We are excited to announce availability of the new LASSO-COGS data set. Clouds Optically Gridded by Stereo (COGS) is an exciting new product that uses stereo photogrammetry to identify three-dimensional cloud volumes. We use this to diagnose cloud fractions for LASSO that we compare with the large-eddy simulations in the LASSO-COGS product. This is a great way to help identify when we have insect contamination in the ARSCL product that we use to determine cloud fraction profiles for LASSO.

Note that LASSO-COGS is available for the 2018 and 2019 LASSO cases since that is when the stereo cameras came online.

We encourage users to download this new product and use it to build confidence in (or replace when the confidence is poor) the ARSCL data used on a given day.

Let us know what you like about this new product and how you are taking advantage of it!